Christian Felder is an Austrian director of photography and editor with more than 14 years of experience in the field, working on artistic and commercial projects for all sorts of clients, including Red Bull, The Disney Channel, NBC Universal Global Networks and Microsoft.

Since 1999 he is providing a complete range of services and amenities for agencies and brands, such as still and motion image creation, editing, grading, transcoding and delivery.
With years of expertise on all jobs regardless of size and budget it is the ongoing mission of Christian Felder to create an environment of service, quality and convenience that not only meets every client’s needs, but also inspires them to reach the best result.


We shoot Red Epic Dragon because we believe it’s the most versatile camera on the market today.

— Christian Felder —


Agencies / Production Houses: 19:13, Armada Music, Arthur Film, Bavaria Media, Bavaria Film, ByLauterbach, CB.e, CBC, Chellomedia, Constantin Entertainment, Creation Club, D-Facto Motion, DMC, Drei Wuensche, Evisco AG, Hager Moss Commercial, Havas Media, Just Media, KG Media Factory, Koch Universal, Lichtenberg & Gray, Maximus Film, Neverest, Pacific Storm FX, Picture Elements, Publicis, Rapid Eye Movement, Rocket Studios, Red Bee, Red Line, Saint Elmos Campaign, Schokolade, Securitel, Seaside, Serviceplan, Sports and Media, .start, Superama, Tisch 13, TopVision, Tresor, Typhoon, Viva Film, Voodoo Film, We Love Film, _wige, Zellner Communications Group

Brands: Amorim, A.T.U, BMW, crooma, Cosmopolitan, Dorling Kindersley, Doctor Babor, Essex, Eckerle, Fresenius, Garmin, GE Germany, Greenpeace, P&G, Peugeot, Pioneer DJ, Microsoft, Red Bull, Sinn Leffers, Staji, Tai, Tom Novy, Watercult, Westwing, Wick, Woehrl, Volvo, ZDNet

Stations: 13th Street, The Biography Channel, Das Vierte, The Disney Channel, The History Channel, Kabel 1, MGM, NBC Universal International, On Demand Deutschland, ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corp.), ProSieben, Sat.1, Servus TV, SKY Deutschland, SyFy

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