We are a creative technology and content studio collaborating on projects for communication, education and art.

We create partnerships based on creative excellence and cutting-edge technologies such as VR and AR with agencies, visionaries, creative firms and visionary minds.

Our work is built on 20 years of experience in the broadcast and digital media industry.

We produce story and visual driven projects for any screen and inspiring immersive and interactive experiences.

Please send us an email, if you want us to present our work on VR headsets or  if you want to request our show reel app for your own VR headset.

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Christian Felder

Metzstr. 36, 81667 Munich, Germany

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Agencies / Production Houses:
19:13, 3MPG, Armada Music, Arthur Film, Bavaria Media, Bavaria Film, ByLauterbach, CB.e, CBC, Chellomedia, Constantin Entertainment, Creation Club, D-Facto Motion, DMC, Drei Wuensche, Evisco AG, Hager Moss Commercial, Havas Media, Just Media, KG Media Factory, Koch Universal, Lichtenberg & Gray, Maximus Film, Neverest, Pacific Storm FX, Picture Elements, Publicis, Rapid Eye Movement, Rocket Studios, Red Bee, Red Line, Saint Elmos, Schokolade, Securitel, Seaside, Serviceplan, Sports and Media, .start, Superama, Tosca Media, Tisch 13, TopVision, Tresor, Typhoon, Viva Film, Voodoo Film, We Love Film, _wige, Zellner Communications Group

Airbus, Red Bull Air Race, Amorim, A.T.U, Barber & Butcher, Baywa AG, Bayerische Staatstheater, Bernina, BMW, BMW Museum, Bosch AG, Condé Nast, crooma, Continental, Cosmopolitan, Disney, Dorling Kindersley, Doctor Babor, Douglas, Essex, Eckerle, Eurofighter, European Commission, Fresenius, Garmin, GE Germany, Greenpeace, Henkel AG, Kaufland, OSRAM, Österreichische Post AG, P&G, Peugeot, Pioneer DJ, Mercedes, Microsoft, Nintendo, Red Bull, Sinn Leffers, Staji, Super Paper, Tai, Tom Novy, Watercult, Westwing, Wick, Woehrl, Vernel, Volvo, ZDNet

13th Street, arte, The Biography Channel, Das Vierte, The Disney Channel, The History Channel, Kabel 1, MBC, MGM, NBC Universal International, On Demand Deutschland, ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corp.), ProSieben, Red Bull TV, Sat.1, Servus TV, SKY Deutschland, SyFy, TLC, ZDF

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