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a creative technology and content studio collaborating on projects for communication, education and art.

We create partnerships based on creative excellence and cutting-edge technologies such as VR and AR with agencies, creative firms and visionary minds.

Our work is built on 20 years of experience in the broadcast and digital media industry.

We produce story and visual driven projects for any screen and inspiring immersive and interactive experiences.

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Christian Felder

Schneckenburgerstraße 32, 81675 Munich, Germany

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Christian Felder creates advertisement films and branded content from his studio
in Munich since 2006. A visually aesthetic drive is the common
passion of him as an experienced DOP, editor and director.
In a continuous hunt for beauty and magic, he likes to make your heart
beat faster, to give you goose bumps. Christian has a strong international
network and a great local setup, sharing offices with motion designers,
as well as a photographers and a sound studio.

On the forefront of digital imaging 360VR story telling and live broadcasts are the newest addition to his activities.
This new way of frameless entertainment creates strong impact and emotions through immersion and
puts the viewer in the center of the stage.

Interview for CLAM #28 – LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, Paris

What is your name?

Christian Felder

What do you do?

Telling stories through pictures!

Where do you live?

Munich, Germany

What is life?

Family, Change, Development

Is life beautiful…?

Yes! Life for me is beautiful on different levels: On an inner level, life is beautiful because you have the ability to change something in your life – you have the chance to find your inner beauty in what ever way or expression, you think is suitable for you. On an outer level, the change of seasons makes life very beautiful. Here, at the foot of the alps, where my family’s home is, the change of seasons is very strong. The circle of life reflected in trees, in flowers, in nature generally. And on secret level: there is beauty in everything because it just happens.

If so why ? 

If not …why is it not beautiful ?

Sometimes it is hard to reframe – but it works. Trying to see things from another angles helps to see the beauty in not so beautiful situations in live. Only thing you can be sure is that nothing gets lost!

How do you celebrate the beauty of life ?

Not enough! You should do it everyday… but we are distracted by so many things.

Maybe 30 minutes of contemplation and reflection would be great thing!

What is your life like?

Blessed – with so many things: family, friends and a save place for development!


2013             Die Klappe: Shortlist PR-Film
2005             Eyes and Ears of Europe – Bestes neues Corporate Design OnAir
2004             PROMAX BDA World – Best Entertainment Program Promotion